If you have a FFX or FFX-2 shrine or fansite, feel free to email me for affiliation! My affiliates are content-driven, and said content is thoughtful and well-written. Character profiles masquerading as tributes don't make the cut, sorry. Note: Affiliation is currently CLOSED, basically invite-only. These are arranged in alphabetical order by site title.

1000 Words

1000 Words is Ava's recently revived shrine to Lenne. The site is a classic, with concisely written, informative content. They layout features a beautiful piece of Lenne artwork, and the site is home to an interesting piece on pop idol culture in Japan and how it is reflected in FFX-2 and other fandom media. It also sports an expansive gallery of Lenne goodies - what are you waiting for? Go visit!


Imperator is Tamisa's tribute to Gippal, the most awesome character in FFX-2. No joke. Gippal makes FFX-2 so much more awesome. Anyways, Imperator has been around for a while and is one of the best X-2 shrines out there, and with good reason! The site is very informative and thorough. It's also the home (or portal to) the Gippal fanlisting, and we all love him, so be sure to join.


Nocturne is Sofia's tribute to Shuyin, the resident antagonist-except-not-really of FFX-2. Sofia has created a wonderfully comprehensive tribute to this character, and when I say comprehensive, I mean comprehensive. Everything and anything to do with Shuyin! Plus, her design for the site is all at once elegant and "grungy" - an impressive reflection of Shuyin's persona. Sofia's dedication is really evident.


Pearl is Janice's tribute to Lenne. Lenne is one of FFX-2's most influential NPCs, and though she gets the fewest lines out of all of them, Janice crafts a nicely detailed picture of this lovely lady. She even has a section on body language!! An interesting read with thoughtful content, Pearl just exudes Lenne goodness and love from every section. You're missing out on some good stuff if you don't visit.


Poltergeist is Todd's tribute to Tidus. This is, as he says himself, a very personal dedication, and it's really apparent in every piece. What's even more interesting is that this is Tidus, written from a guy's point of view!! In a webdesign community dominated by females, this is really quite exciting. At any rate, Will and Poltergeist are good friends. (Married, even?!) I am now compelling you to visit it. Visit it.