The title is kind of misleading since there's only one to speak of, but ... um, all I gotta say is, thank you guys so much! I totally don't deserve it ... but here is the award/things/recognition/etc that Will received ... you guys rock. Without you, where would I be?

Eternal thanks go to Todd, Varen, and Lorelei. I really appreciate it! Aaaah. I'm glad you guys enjoyed Will. Okay if I don't fill up the text to the bottom past the image it's going to bother me a lot, so I'm going to ramble here for a couple of sentences. I'm almost there!! I can do it!! Umm ... thanks to everyone for their support. It really means a lot. No, really. I'm pleased that this site has had such a positive reception in light of all the other Yuna shrines out there. Thanks guys. ♥ /sap

I'm shocked that people like this site so much even when I haven't updated it much since its debut. I'm honored and touched that people thought of Will and nominated it for the 2010 pageant and voted for it! I really appreciate the support everyone has given for this site - I couldn't do it without you guys. I'm glad you guys like this layout so much (putting it up for best design if I remember correctly?) - I like it too! :) Is this beginning to sound like an acceptance speech at an awards show? Trying to take up more space so the text will wrap around blah blah blah, cue the song that they start playing when your speech has gone on too long which actually has lyrics did you know? (See here.) No, but really, thanks once again for all your support. ♥