Behind the scenes

Will was opened on 29 December 2008. I had the site in planning for quite some time and actually made the layout back in April/May 2008, but didn't finish the site until quite a bit later. The actual writing of the content took maybe a week - just goes to show how incredibly lazy I am!

This layout, the first version of Will, abuses textures from Dearest. Not all of them are on the community anymore so you may need to dig through the archives from the old "gender" account (which I believe can be found on their deviantArt account). It uses an official artwork of Yuna, found at Creative Uncut. The font used in the layout is Kunstler Script.

This site was named for 1) the fact that Yuna has "a will stronger than steel" or whatever the line was, and 2) after Ayumi Hamasaki's song. I know it's not a terribly original name but I really couldn't think of anything else. I can always change it if I want! But, for now, we're known as Will.

I never thought I'd have media for this site. But, well, I found out that my friend Aranie had ripped the FFX FMVs off of her disc, and I asked her if I could cap them for this site, and she gamely agreed and game them to me. I owe her a LOT. I also bothered her way too much because of my OCD-like capping tendencies. But yeah, TONS OF LOVE TO HER. ♥♥♥ She's the reason why the media section exists. Seriously.