Story of a shrine

I started FFX sometime during my second (or third?) playthrough of Kingdom Hearts II. I had never before played any Final Fantasy, and the closest I was to it was having watched Advent Children. Anyways, I had seen FFX on sale for $10 at Costco, and it was a Greatest Hits title, and I thought, "Why the hell not." So I bought it. Also, I was severely lacking in any games (and still am). In fact, I only got a PS2 in 2007 and am therefore something like a colossal loser. I blame my parents - they never saw the point of videogames. Psh.

Since I came straight out of Kingdom Hearts II, I was extremely surprised to see that FFX's gameplay wasn't as dynamic and buttonmashy as KHII. I had been expecting something of the sort, but FFX required strategy (something I severely lack) and inputting commands was a little boring for me. I wasn't too enthralled about FFX and played it on and off. However, I found myself strangely addicted to the storyline, even though the glass shattering transitions into battle always gave me heart attacks and the voice acting nearly killed me dead.

And then I bought FFXII, as it recently became a Greatest Hits title in ... November? December? 2007. Why yes, I am a cheap Asian. And so I decided to try it out, and the battle system was so much more engaging and fast than FFX's. I put FFX on hold and this happened. And then once I beat FFXII, I picked up FFX again.

I wasn't actually planning to make any kind of FFX tribute. And then I went on Youtube, and out of sheer curiosity, I watched the ending FMVs of the game. I already knew what happened in the end, and spoilers generally aren't a big deal for me (unless the fandom in question is Harry Potter). But when I watched them, I cried the whole time. It was pretty bad, because I was at school in the computer lab, trying not to sob too loudly. Then, I kind of went, "I really want to make a site for Yuna now."

And then I balked at making one, because there are already something like 2391487304 Yuna shrines out there. I mentioned this in a LJ post, saying, "I want to make shrine for Yuna, except everyone and their mother already has one." Then, a friend encouraged me to do it anyways, saying that "everyone and their mother HAD one." And it was another WHY THE HELL NOT moment. So here we are today!