The desire for all that is lost ...

Here you will find my ramblings and thoughts on Yuna. Most of the content here assumes that you are familiar with the basic premise of FFX and its sequel - if you're unfamiliar with the series, please feel free to read my brief introduction to the game series.

The beautiful fighter

Yuna, the individual. What kind of person she is, what you can expect from her, and what you might not see at first glance. This is the story of a girl in an unfair world.

  • Profile - who exactly is this girl? Introduction to our heroine.
  • Name - what's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  • Appearance - what does she look like? A wide spectrum of attire.
  • Voice - what is that sound I hear? The first Final Fantasy with voice acting.
  • Personality - what is she like? Mannerisms and demeanor.
  • Resolve - who can stand in her way? A will that's stronger than steel.
  • Smile - what is she feeling? A journey full of laughter.
  • Duty - why does she do what she does? Epitome of the good Samaritan.
  • Yevon - what is this crackpot rubbish? Deceiving you since forever.
  • Sequel - why did I play this game? So you don't have to!
  • Stereotype - who will come to save her? A classic damsel in distress.
  • Moon - what does it all mean? Signature recurring symbol.
  • Other Appearances - Square Enix loves Yuna as well as your wallet.

Dramatis personae

Yuna and the people in her world. Both those who have gone and those who remain - all of them have made an impact on her life.

  • Auron - the legendary guardian who's seen and done it all before
  • Braska - setting an example ten years past and loving her throughout
  • Kimahri - always by her side; a silent but forceful presence
  • Lulu & Wakka - surrogate family when she had none to call her own
  • Rikku - a strong bond of blood that cannot be broken
  • Seymour - the corrupt Yevonite with the funny blue hair
  • Tidus - her one and only; a fleeting love, never to be forgotten

If you're looking for gameplay stats or the like, you won't find it - at least not for the time being. For now, you can easily find that kind of information on GameFAQs and other similar sites.