Yuna is, unquestionably, a beautiful girl. With soft brown hair and an exquisite face, what's not to like? Something interesting to note is the colors of her eyes - one is green and the other blue. This is a tribute to her mixed descent - her mother was an Al Bhed, who are known to have green eyes. Her blue eye comes from her father Braska.

She looks vaguely Asian - it might just be her attire, but she does seem to look more that way than, say, Ashe of FFXII, who was modeled after the French. At any rate, her primary outfit in FFX is definitely of Asian design. She wears a modified version of a Japanese furisode - a formal kimono with long sleeves, worn by unmarried women - and her outfit comes in pieces. It consists of a black bikini top, which is covered by a white piece of cloth that she wraps around her neck and crosses over her chest. The top is held in place by a decorated, flowered yellow obi. On each of her arms she wears a "sleeve" of sorts - the furisode's signature long sleeves, which have been dyed pink at the bottom. Then, she wears a dark blue-purpley pleated skirt with a flower design. It has a slit along her leg and hits a little above the ankles. And last, she has a pair of black boots. She wears a silver bracelet and a couple rings as well.

A constant in her attire is the silver necklace she wears and the blue wooden earring. Well, actually, the earring goes away in her western-style wedding outfit from FFX. But it returns in her default FFX-2 getup. In this outfit, she wears a white top of some sort which is connected by all sorts of thin straps - it has a plunging neckline which is filled in by the Zanarkand Abes symbol, and is connected to a pink hood. The shirt has some kind of pink ruffly edging, and she has two thin belts of some sort wrapped around her waist. On her arms, she wears yellow lace-up armbands and a black bracelet. She wears a pair of very short, dark blue shorts. Around her hips she ties a half-skirt of sorts that looks a lot like water, and also carries a fringed pouch on a belt. Last, she wears black lace-up boots. Her hair has been modified to be more spiky, reminiscent of Tidus, and she also sports a long braid that is just about as tall as she is. To conclude, I really have no idea what is going on with her FFX-2 outfit.

I would describe the songstress dressphere outfit, but it's not really Yuna's outfit. It's Lenne's.