Yuna's father defeated Sin ten years prior to the start of the game, when Yuna was seven years old. High Summoner Braska seems to have been a soft-spoken, kind man, very similar to his daughter. With Auron and Jecht as his guardians, the three formed an unlikely team.

Braska cared deeply for his daughter. Over the course of the pilgrimage, he worried about her. When the three came to Besaid, he decided that it was a good place for Yuna to live once he defeated Sin, and asked Auron to carry this out for him. He knows her very well, and understands that Yuna is a very strong person. "She'll be all right. She's strong, like her mother was."

Yuna only lived with him for seven years, but her father's death affected her immensely. She was happy because her father had succeeded, but sad because she would never see him again.

Yuna follows in her father's footsteps as a summoner. She is very well known throughout Spira, and she has a lot of expectations to live up to. People all across Spira believe that she can defeat Sin because of her father's previous success, and they definitely expect her to free them from sorrow. She tells Tidus that doing so is rather difficult, "but the honor of having a father like that surpasses all that." Yuna is very proud of her father's accomplishments, and is even more proud to be her father's daughter. In this, it is understandable why she was so upset upon meeting Yunalesca and hearing her say that her father's efforts were practically useless. She knew that Braska wanted to save Spira wholly, and resolves to do it in his stead. She loves her father dearly.

Yuna, when you have grown, you will have to find your own path. Do what you must do, the way you want to do it. Doors will always open themselves to those who do. Listen close, Yuna. Your future is yours to make. Live the way you want to. Whatever way that may be, you have your father's full support. Yuna, I will always be with you.

Even in death, Braska watches over Yuna, supporting her. In FFX-2, in the final battles, his voice is one of the three in the background that encourages her.