When Auron stumbled upon Kimahri on Mount Gagazet, half-dying, he told him about Yuna and Braska's wish to have Yuna taken away from the mess in Bevelle. Kimahri agreed and went to Bevelle in search of Yuna and there he found her, age seven.

At first, Yuna was a little scared of Kimahri. The Ronso are, after all, not the most gentle-looking creatures to inhabit Spira. However, Yuna found that he was actually very gentle. Kimahri is awkward in social situations, and Yuna realized that he probably had very little experience talking to children. Yuna agreed to go with him, and they set off for Besaid. In the immediate aftermath after Braska's successful pilgrimage, Yuna finally came to terms with the fact that her father died. She cried along the journey, and Kimahri was there as a solid, comforting presence. Undoubtedly Yuna valued him greatly for his help in one of the darkest times in her life.

Along the way, when crossing the Moonflow, it is revealed that Yuna fell off the shoopuf, but was then it picked her up. Apparently, she then jumped in three times just for fun afterwards. Kimahri talks about this memory fondly, saying, "Yuna had fun. Kimahri happy." Then, when they finally reached Besaid, Kimahri turned to leave, having fulfilled his duty, but Yuna called out to him, asking him to stay. Kimahri stayed with her, and ultimately became one of her guardians.

Kimahri is always there for Yuna. He is extremely committed to his duty as a guardian, and truly cares for her well-being. He understands her very well. Correspondingly, Yuna values Kimahri immensely. He stuck with her, and though Kimahri doesn't say much, he means a lot to her. Out of all of Yuna's guardians, Kimahri is the one that seems least like a friend and most like just a guardian, but that doesn't mean he isn't Yuna's friend. He just isn't as verbose as his human colleagues.