Other Appearances

Surprise, surprise. Being one of the most well-recognized Final Fantasy characters, Yuna also shows up in other Square Enix titles. She appears in (Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in) Itadaki Street Special, which is a Japan-exclusive release, so I will never get to play it. However, other games have made it (or eventually will make it) out of Japan. Much to the grief of my bank account, which wishes dearly that Square Enix would please stop releasing Kingdom Hearts games? Please?

Yuna has a small role in Kingdom Hearts II. YuRiPa appear as fairies - pixies, rather - that reside in Hollow Bastion. They're originally on Maleficent's side, but Sora tricks them into joining Leon (Squall) in the fight for Hollow Bastion, telling them that he has treasure. Only a little bit like their X-2 counterparts, the three gladly help Leon out, thinking he has treasure. In the end, they find out that he doesn't have any treasure and confront Sora, who tells them of his problems and they forgive him. And then give him the Gullwing keyblade, which is pretty much useless in terms of fighting or magic ability (+3 strength, 0 to magic), but has a handy experience boost effect if Sora is in critical health.

Yuna is also set to appear in Dissidia 012, most likely as a playable character. (I really, REALLY hope she's a playable character because how awesome would that be? Good riddance, Tidus and Jecht. Y'all are ugly compared to my homegirl Yuna.) At the time of writing this (December 2010), Yuna's feet were shown in the Jump Festa 2010 trailer (screenshot shown at right), and there's no mistaking that skirt! We're all waiting for some official confirmation (as in real character art and gameplay), but it looks like Yuna will be in the second Dissidia - much to my delight!