Name: Yuna (ユウナ)
Age: 17 (FFX), 19 (FFX-2)
Height: 161 cm (approx. 5 ft 3 in)
Birthplace: Bevelle
Hometown: Besaid Island
Jobs: Summoner, Spherehunter

Yuna is the female lead of Final Fantasy X, and is basically the person whom the whole of the story revolves around. Tidus may declare himself as the main character, but without Yuna, he's really nothing. She is one of the more famous icons of the Final Fantasy franchise. As a young girl living in Spira, the "spiral of death," she has experienced firsthand the despair, destruction, and desolation that Sin brings to the people. She is a strong-willed girl, and truly wishes to defeat Sin. She will be one of your most useful and essential party members, being the game's resident white mage. Not to mention the fact that she can summon aeons!

FFX Official Profile: Daughter of High Summoner Braska. Honest and determined, Yuna embarks on a pilgrimage to obtain the Final Aeon and defeat Sin. Yuna is learning the mystical art of summoning aeons - powerful spirits of yore.

And then we have Final Fantasy X-2. The first true sequel in the Final Fantasy series. This game takes place two years after the events of FFX, after Yuna has defeated Sin and brought about the Eternal Calm. Yuna is a part of the Gullwings spherehunter group. Her hair is now permanently windswept!!

FFX-2 utilizes the dressphere system, which means that there is no set job class and all you have to do is find the spheres that allow you to use new dresspheres. Yuna's default dressphere is the Gunner dressphere, and since you only have three party members you really have no choice but to use her.

FFX-2 Official Profile: After defeating Sin, Yuna returned to her home on Besaid. The days passed without incident, but still she sensed something missing in her quiet existence. A movie sphere that Rikku shows her gives her a reason to journey once more. For now, life as a sphere hunter affords Yuna the chance to live on the wild side. Old habits die hard, though. Yuna still can't walk away from people in need.