Rikku, another icon of the Final Fantasy franchise. She and Yuna are blood relatives - Yuna's mother was the sister of Rikku's father, Cid, which makes Rikku and Yuna cousins.

Rikku really loves Yuna, whom she calls "Yunie." As a member of the Al Bhed, Rikku is trying to stop the summoners' pilgrimages. Evidence of this is shown on two occasions - the first is when the party is attacked by Rikku's machina at the Moonflow, and the second is when, obviously, all is revealed at the Al Bhed Home. The Al Bhed were "kidnapping" summoners to stop them from progressing. Even without knowing the truth behind the Final Summoning and Yevon, the Al Bhed had the right idea - the pilgrimages were a waste of life. Rikku doesn't want to see Yuna give up her life for the rest of Spira, and steadfastly opposes Yuna's decision to become a summoner. True, Rikku becomes one of Yuna's guardians, but all the way, she still hopes for another way. She knows that Yuna will not give up her pilgrimage, and she and Tidus resolve to find another way to defeat Sin without sacrificing Yuna.

Yuna is glad that Rikku is with her during the pilgrimage. Just before they are about to reach Zanarkand, Rikku begs her one last time to stop and try to think of another way. Yuna, however, doesn't have any other options at that point, and firmly says, "Rikku. You're a true friend, and I thank you, but ... I must go ... down, to Zanarkand." Yuna is happy that Rikku cares so much for her, but her main goal is still to defeat Sin. As Rikku despairs over Yuna's fate, Yuna walks calmly towards her own death.

In FFX-2, Rikku maintains her cheery, happy-go-lucky, rather ditzy attitude. Yuna seems to have picked up on this as well. Rikku is infinitely more positive than Yuna, and perhaps in the sequel, Yuna wants to be able to exhibit that kind of hope that her cousin holds.