Every appearance of Yuna in the English game world is voiced by Hedy Burress, an American actress. In Japanese, she is voiced by Aoki Mayuko (青木 麻由子), who, along with voicing Yuna, has lent her talents to other Final Fantasy females. In the Kingdom Hearts series, she voices Selphie Tilmitt from FFVIII, and worked as the motion capture model for characters from FFVII, FFVIII, and FFIX.

Yuna's English voice is somewhat lower than her Japanese voice. Both are fairly soft, which is fitting of Yuna's character. Below, I've provided voiceclips of both her English and Japanese performances. The Japanese voiceclip is actually a track from the original soundtrack, so it doesn't have any background music. Please save the mp3 files to your own computer. They're very small files and shouldn't take too long to download.

Yuna in English (00:26)
Yuna: That was the Jecht Shot, wasn't it?
Tidus: Oh! How do you know that?
Yuna: Sir Jecht showed it to me when I was a child. He called it the "Sublimely Magnificent Jecht Shot Mark III."
Yuna in Japanese (00:15)
一つだけ、お願いが有ります。いなくなってしまった人達の事 ... 時々でいいから ... おもいだしてください。 (One more thing. Those who have disappeared ... please think of them from time to time.)

For the songs in FFX-2, Real Emotion and 1000 Words are sung by Koda Kumi in Japanese and Jade Villalon in English.